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Beauty Founder OS was designed to empower traditional beauty and wellness businesses to flourish. Our approach goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on smart strategies for sustained success. We're dedicated to nurturing our clients' brands, offering ongoing support, and driving growth in the beauty industry through our expertise and commitment.

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“I am deeply invested in the brands we partner with.”

Beauty Founder OS was founded by Courtney Monet Randolph to support brick-and-mortar beauty founders in achieving sustainable growth. With over 10 years of award-winning sales experience, Courtney developed a consulting firm offering hands-on guidance and full-service solutions to bridge the gap between traditional and digital beauty businesses.

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Beaute Founders Academy


Beaute Founders Academy is a program you can do at your own pace online. It helps people with big dreams learn how to start their own beauty and wellness brands. We guide you step by step so that you can create your own visual brand.

Beaute Werk


At the heart of our agency is a deep commitment to crafting, honing, and elevating brand identities. From the delicate brushstrokes of a logo to the harmonious symphony of brand guidelines, we create the visual and emotional resonance that sets our clients apart.

Midtown Beauty Pros


Founders of traditional beauty and wellness businesses get assistance from Midtown Beauty Launch Pros in developing, organizing, and optimizing staffing, facilities, sales, and marketing systems.

Beaute Acquisition

Legacy & Impact

Become a member of Beaute Acquisition and join a select group of beauty and wellness founders committed to leaving a lasting legacy and making a positive impact through strategic investments in businesses within their industry.

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